Who are the United Left Alliance (ULA)?

We are an alliance of left wing groups, including the People Before Profit Alliance and individuals for the next general Election 2011.

What does the United Left Alliance stand for?

We reject the so-called solutions to the economic crises based on slashing public expenditure, welfare payments and workers’ pay. There can be no just or sustainable solution to the crisis based on the capitalist market. Instead we favour democratic and public control over resources so that social need is prioritised over profit.

Those elected as part of the alliance will not do any deals or support any coalition with any of the right wing parties particularly Fianna Fail and Fine Gael. We are committed to building a mass left alternative to unite working people, whether public or private sector, Irish or migrant, with the unemployed, welfare recipients, pensioners and students in the struggle to change society.

People Before Profit Alliance: An Introduction


The People Before Profit Alliance was formally established in October 2005 by workers from a variety of local campaigns. Its aim is to reverse neo-liberal policies which place wealth creation for the few over the welfare of communities in Ireland.

The Alliance represents a different form of politics, fitting for the 21st century. It sees 'people power' and the mobilisation of citizens in workplaces, communities and on the streets as the key to bringing change in society. It is the ambition of the Alliance to operate on a 32-county basis and to offer a radical vision for our country.

In addition to its aim of deepening the links between community groups, the Alliance also wishes to explore the potential for electoral politics but it is not interested in electing people who will join coalition governments with the dominant right-wing parties because they have all signed up to the 'business success is paramount' ethic.

The alliance opposes neo-liberal policies, including: - the sell-off of Ireland's natural resources; - the privatisation and run down of public amenities; - the destruction of the environment and our heritage through a flawed planning process; - the prioritisation of corporate profit above the environment; - poor public health and labour conditions and standards; - widespread corruption; - the erosion of civil liberties; - tax cuts for the rich and corporations while bin charges and stealth taxes rise for the majority; - the erosion of neutrality through the growing presence of US troops in Shannon (we support the American people against George Bush and therefore oppose the use of Irish airports and airspace by the US military); - the mistreatment of immigrants.
The Alliance includes a number of different organisations including the Socialist Workers Party and the Community & Workers Action Group.

People Before Profit Candidate Dublin South Election 2011