Two Tier Ireland - One law for the rich and another for the poor

The deeply stratified nature of Irish society and the complete disconnect between the current government and the people they were elected to serve grows ever more evident.
No justice

People are seeing the reality of the first budget cuts in their pay slips this month. Changes to tax breaks and the replacement of the income and health levies with a Universal Social Charge have had unjust and unequal outcomes for those at the opposite extremes of Irish society.

Workers and social welfare recipients already struggling to meet bills face the prospect of  three more austerity budgets and other 'savings and fiscal adjustments' as part of the IMF deal. 

Brian Cowen’s pay cut will leave him on 4000 a week! Someone on the new minimum wage would need to work over 500 hours to earn that.

While the Universal Social Charge increased from 2% to 7% for those earning under 26,000 landlords, shareholders or self employed and company directors who earn 1 million a year will incredibly be six per cent better off!

The government's golden circle of property developers and bankers have yet to be brought to stand before a court and answer for the financial treason they have committed against our country.

The recent Primetime investigation into the top developers whose loans have gone in NAMA revealed how the Irish tax payer is funding the opulent lifestyles of supposedly debt stricken developers; how they have legally transferred extraordinary assets to their wives and how the Irish tax payer is paying them vast sums of money in the form of rent!!

Despite the fact that Treasury Holdings owes 1.4bn it continues to make a profit internationally and receives 50 million a year in rent from the state on properties it owns including the NAMA headquarters!

While Fine Gael and Labour criticise the government in words, they have said clearly they accept the EU/IMF plan for €15 billion in cuts and will not reverse cuts agreed by the government and the IMF or end the bail-out of the banks and bondholders.

Even worse, Fine Gael has stated openly its plan to sell off vital state assets that will further strip our economy bare.

The People Before Profit Alliance is committed to fighting for a fairer and more equal Ireland and, as part on the exciting, new United Left Alliance (ULA) will present to the people a real economic alternative to the failed policies of all the mainstream political parties.

People Before Profit Candidate Dublin South Election 2011