Who are the bond holders?

It is clear that this government has more concern for the nameless and faceless entities of 'the Markets' and 'the bond holders than the people of this state.

David Malone has compiled the list oppostite of who exactly the 'bond holders' in Anglo Irish are.
Following his investigations of each of the listed companies Malone concludes that ‘The people of Ireland are paying to, and protecting the wealth and power of, people who have 100 times more wealth!’  David Malone, author of The Debt Generation
Malone focused on the  assets under management of the companies (he argues that the reported market value of a company has been shown to be unreliable due to creative accounting)  gives us a view of the total amount of wealth these companies deal with. He discovered that the bond holders have assets conservatively estimated at 207 trillion Euros!!

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