Nicola Currry
Budget Protest 2010

Nicola Curry is a working mother of two who recently returned to education at UCD as a mature student. She qualified with a degree in social science, specialising in social policy. She also received a Masters Degree last year.

She is the chairperson of the Ballyogan Environment Group which was set up by local residents because of concerns about a waste disposal centre located in her residential area. She believes in environmental justice and opposes the disproportionate use of working class areas for the location of noxious facilities.

She has been a strong community activist who has campaigned against bin charges and for proper social investment and community facilities locally.

Nicola Curry is a passionate advocate of equality of access to education. She does not believe private schools should be subsidised with taxpayer’s money while schools in poorer areas are under resourced.

She is opposed to private insurance company cherry picking healthy clients. She wants to end the two tier health system where public patients are left on trolleys and AE units can sometimes look like war zones. She wants people to be treated according to medical need – not the size of their bank balance.


Nicola Curry believes that we have democratic right to organise and question those with economic and political power, and the right to be involved in decision making regarding how our society is run.


“The average TD salary of €112,000 is exorbitant.  If elected, I pledge to only take the average industrial wage; the remainder will be donated to campaigns that put people first” Nicola Curry

December’s budget has cut €6 billion off hospitals, schools, benefits and other public services whilst letting those earning huge sums of money off the hook...again.And what have all these austerity measures achieved? The economic situation is now worse then ever, with nearly half a million people unemployed; the International Monetary Fund is here and the total cost for the bank bailout rises ever higher, with billions more of our money being squandered with every passing week.This is unacceptable – The people of Ireland are being forced against their will and without any democratic consultation to pay for the crimes and mistakes of the super rich and their politician friends. THEY have destroyed this country yet their vast salaries and wealth is untouched. Anglo Irish bond holders have between them have assets that are conservatively estimated at 207 trillion Euros!! We say that it is time that the wealthy pay for the crisis that they created.

Defend the interests of the citizens of Ireland. Join the party that is committed to putting the needs of the people of this country ahead of a profit seeking wealthy elite.

People Before Profit Candidate Dublin South Election 2011